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How to Write a Proposal Essay: Examples, Topics and Prompts

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Proposal essays are a type of academic and convincing writing that comes in many interesting forms. A proposal essay convinces the reader of the feasibility and relevance of a concept or solution. It promotes new ideas, policy reforms, and activities.

A good proposal essay looks at the purpose, structure, and content of the plan. This post goes over the opening, the proposal, the body parts, and the end to help writers write good proposal essays. Research Writing Service might make it easier for you to write an essay about a plan. This post will talk about How to write a proposal essay, ideas for topics, and examples to help people who want to write in this form.

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❓ What is a Proposal Essay?

Proposal essays are argumentative writing that proposes a solution to a problem. This genre aims to provide a solution and persuade the reader of its validity, practicality, and relevance. The proposal essay offers a well-reasoned and convincing solution to environmental sustainability, healthcare reform, technology innovation, or social transformation.

Proposal essays frequently start with an issue or difficulty in a field or setting. The whole article focuses on this subject. Before writing, the writer must investigate and understand the problem’s sources, effects, and implications. An educated and successful proposal starts with this information.

A proposal essay requires considerable thought and analysis. Proposals must have a clear goal: Do they want policy changes? Offering a new answer to a continuing problem? Or proposing novel solutions? A focused and cohesive essay may be achieved by establishing the objective and determining its scope and direction. Proposal paper prompts vary as much as social issues. These suggestions spark thought-provoking debates and imaginative problem-solving, from educational changes to renewable energy legislation. An article proposing mandated mental health awareness programs in schools may examine the advantages to students’ well-being and academic achievement.

A proposal essay aims to educate readers about the problem and convince them to support the solution. This dual goal requires strategic information and arguments. The essay’s structure is crucial to this equilibrium. Proposal essays usually include many main sections:

Introduction: This section introduces the issue and offers background for the proposal. It grabs readers’ attention, emphasizes the subject, and sets the stage for the argument.

Proposal: Present the recommended solution. It should be concise and creative. The solution must be believable well-supported and rationally related to the issue.

Body Paragraphs: Highlight plan details, facts, statistics, and expert views to demonstrate feasibility and advantages. The proposal’s credibility and persuasiveness are strengthened by these paragraphs.

The Conclusion summarizes major elements and emphasizes the relevance of the idea. It stresses the need to act and encourages readers to support the answer.

Putting together cogent ideas and appealing evidence for a proposal essay might be difficult. Writing tips and advice from help authors improve their writing and proposal writing.

💡 Purpose of a Proposal Essay

A proposal essay talks about a certain topic or idea and gives convincing reasons to convince the reader of its pros and cons. I suggest an idea and back it up with facts to show whether it’s good or bad. The writer makes the reader think differently. A proposal essay is based on a main point or suggestion. This might be a solution, a new technique, or a fresh idea worth considering. The writer proposes this notion and argues its significance and practicality.

How useful the writing is rests on the facts. This proof backs up what the writer says. It backs up the case with data, studies, the opinions of experts, examples, and stories. By using facts that can be trusted, the writer makes the claim more believable and harder to argue against. The goal of a proposal essay is to convince the reader. The author tries to get the reader to agree or disagree with the idea. Logic, well-organized proof, and skilled words are all ways to convince someone. To win over doubt, a writer needs to think about and deal with counterarguments.

✏️ How to Start a Proposal Essay

Hook your audiences: Begin with a captivating hook to engage readers and keep them reading. A thought-provoking question, interesting fact, pertinent quotation, or small story about your subject. A good hook sets the tone for your article and draws readers in.

Provide context:  Provide background for your subject after your hook. Explain the topic’s background and relevance. This helps readers comprehend the background and importance of the issue.

Summarize the Background:  Move on to summarizing the backdrop of your essay. This comprises introducing your topic and citing related literature or research. Readers need this summary to comprehend your proposal’s scope and purpose.

State Objectives:  Define your essay’s goals. Explain your proposal’s goals and how it tackles a field knowledge gap or issue. This phase is crucial for explaining your essay’s objective and direction.

Introduce Your Argument: Your primary point or proposition. State your answer or path of action briefly. This is your essay’s thesis statement, which will drive your argument.

Map it out:  Give readers an essay structure preview. List the essential points for the body paragraphs. This roadmap helps readers comprehend your argument’s flow and what to anticipate next.

Tone and style:  Consider the tone and style you wish to communicate. Your proposal essay should be authoritative, confident, and objective to convince. Avoid informal language and emotive appeals. Use well-reasoned, evidence-based arguments.

Proofreading and Formatting:  After drafting the beginning, proofread your essay. Proofread for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format. A polished introduction boosts credibility and professionalism.

Conform to Guidelines:  Follow your instructor’s or institution’s formatting rules for your essay. Formatting correctly shows attention to detail and academic norms.

Starting a proposal essay requires engaging readers, offering context, summarizing background, declaring clear goals, presenting your major argument, and describing the essay format. A strong start sets the setting for a well-organized, convincing, and informative proposal essay.

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✍️ How to Write a Proposal Essay

Proposal essay structure or what are the main parts of proposal essay


The opening explains a topic to people who know or don’t know much about it, or it gives the idea’s background. This is one of the most important parts of your work.

At the beginning of your smoking-reduction plan essay, you need to set the scene. Start with a shocking fact about a disease caused by smoking. Next, explain how many people smoke and what the health risks are. Lastly, explain the proposal’s main idea, which is a thorough program to stop people from smoking.

Example of introduction

Were you aware that tobacco usage is the largest cause of unnecessary deaths worldwide? Smoking-related diseases kill millions of people annually, according to the WHO. As smoking’s public health impact remains serious, effective smoking reduction techniques are needed. This idea suggests a broad anti-smoking approach to cut down on this common habit and make societies healthy.


The writer’s major idea or answer is shown in the essay plan. Make the plan easy to understand and clear. Tell me about your plan and the whole anti-smoking effort. Tell us about the campaign’s efforts to educate, raise awareness, help people quit, and change policies.

Example of proposal

“A comprehensive anti-smoking effort including public education, community participation, quitting assistance, and legislative changes is suggested. We want to come up with a comprehensive plan that takes care of both individual and group smoking problems.

Body paragraph 1

Talk about training and learning in the first line of the body of your plan. Talk about how important it is to teach people how bad smoking is for their health and how good it is to stop it. Name some anti-smoking campaigns that worked because they used strong pictures and themes.

Example of Paragraph 1

We try to stop people from smoking by teaching them and giving them more information. This way takes into account the fact that knowledge can change behavior, especially when it comes to smoking. We show people how bad smoking is for their health with interesting pictures, personal stories, and group events. Visual communication has a big effect on how people think. In our ad, we use strong images to show how smoking is bad for the body. These pictures are very sad and show how bad it is to smoke cigarettes. The “Truth Initiative” campaign in the US uses strong pictures to warn people about health risks and leave a lasting impact. Personal stories have a big effect on what we think and do. People who smoke may be able to help others stop by telling their stories about how they got hooked and how they quit. These events make smoking seem important and give users respect and motivation to quit. Interactive workshops in schools and businesses give students a lively place to learn where they can take part. In these lectures, information, data, and science about diseases caused by smoking are discussed. We help people make choices about their health and well-being by encouraging them to think critically and talk to each other. The US ‘Truth Initiative’ effort is a strong example. The number of young adults who smoke has gone down because of strong images, interesting stories, and teaching tools that show how bad smoking is.

Body paragraph 2

In the second body line, stress how important it is to get the right help to stop smoking. Talk about how the campaign might use therapy, treatments that help people quit smoking, and support groups. Give some examples of programs that have helped people stop smoking.

Example of Body Paragraph 2

Our pitch is based on how much we want to help users quit. We know that this trip will be hard, so we will help in many ways. Our plan will only work if healthcare providers work together. Individual therapy meetings with medical experts will be part of our program. During these meetings, smokers will get help that is just for them, which will increase their chances of stopping. We will also make it easier for people to get tobacco replacement drugs, which ease withdrawal symptoms and urges and will help people quit. We will set up real and online support groups because change happens in groups. Members will be able to talk about their problems, share ways to deal with them and find comfort in the fact that they are not alone. By holding discussions, tools, and ways to track progress, online venues will boost this sense of belonging. This group part tries to make the process of stopping less lonely by making it something everyone goes through. Online resources give the helpline access to information, tools, and success stories. This makes the hotline more successful. The fact that hundreds of people have been helped by the program shows that our method could work.

Body paragraph 3

In the third part, you should talk about how policy changes affect smoking. Talk about steps like raising the price of cigarettes, creating smoke-free areas, and putting limits on ads. Show examples of countries or places where these kinds of programs have helped cut down on smoking.

Example for the Third Body Paragraph

To create a smoking-free atmosphere, policies need to be changed in ways that make smoking less appealing and less common. Higher cigarette prices, public places where you can’t smoke, and strict advertising rules could change how people think about smoking and push them to live better lives. Taxing tobacco goods more is a powerful strategy. This method has discouraged smoking by raising smokers’ financial burdens. By raising tobacco prices, people rethink smoking, especially when the economic effects become more apparent. The fact that Canada’s clear packaging law has worked well backs up this idea. Taking away the cool logos and pictures on cigarette goods makes smoking less appealing, especially to younger people. Public places that don’t let people smoke are also better for the environment. When people can’t smoke in public, smoking seems less normal, and people who don’t smoke stay away from secondhand smoke. This proactive method is important for making smoking less socially acceptable and for changing people’s views on smoking over time. Advertising for cigarettes needs to be limited in a big way. Reduce the ability of the business to use appealing marketing methods to bring in new smokers and keep current users hooked on the habit.


Summarize the main points of the essay and focus on what is being done to stop people from smoking. Bring up benefits like better overall health and lower healthcare costs. End on a strong note by asking the reader to back and push the whole effort to get people to stop smoking.

Example of Conclusion

In conclusion, the many parts of the anti-smoking effort could improve public health by lowering the number of people who smoke. We can help people live better lives and cut down on diseases caused by smoking through teaching, help quitting, and changes to the law. As we work toward a world without tobacco, support and spread the word about this important project.

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👀 Examples of proposal Essay Prompts

Here are some proposal paper prompts and questions:

Prompt Question 1:  What can be done to improve mental health assistance for high school students?

High school kids’ mental health is becoming more worrying. This idea helps schools with their mental health needs. How could therapy services be made easier to get and more helpful? How can schools work with people who know about mental health to offer workshops and other tools for social well-being? What program should stress the mental health of students?

Prompt question 2: How can companies successfully combine and support online work in the time after a pandemic?

The COVID-19 virus has changed the way we work and shown us the benefits of working from home. This plan looks at how companies could use online work without hurting output or the health of their workers. What equipment is needed for working from home? How can companies meet and work with teams that are far apart? How can the shift to mixed work methods be made easier?

Prompt question 3: How could creative approaches to road safety and traffic management in cities make them better?

Congestion and safety on the roads in cities are two big problems. This plan looks for new ways to control traffic and cut down on accidents. How could smart traffic lights or contact between cars help traffic move faster? How can data analytics find high-risk areas and make sure safety steps are focused there? How can attempts to educate people make driving safer?

🌹 Proposal Essay Examples

Example 1: Giving Guns to Kids: A Proposal for Public Consideration Essay

When people talk about school shootings, pictures of scared kids hiding under desks, in janitor’s closets, or behind walls come to mind. More harmless kids are being killed by guns in the US. Long-term survivors of trauma have painful recollections. Every year, school killings in the United States kill almost 3,000 students and put 3 million students in danger. The numbers show that gun crime has a big effect on the country’s resources.

Given this, a good choice should be made about how to keep our kids from becoming mass shooting figures in a world where they are so common. It’s not fair that someone with a gun is keeping the next generation from being happy. As our country’s founders said, I don’t plan to take away the right of Americans to carry guns. Instead, the government should give everyone, even K–12 students, this freedom. Gun control as it is now makes no sense since people kill, not guns. I’d like people to consider why I think our kids should have guns. First, if a shooter came to school, everyone would get their gun and protect themselves. Instead of waiting for help, students and teachers could take charge and protect people and property. Second, there would be more armed students and teachers than lawbreakers. I plan to give out a lot of tools like teaching books. High pupils should get AK-47 rifles, while primary and secondary schoolers should receive pistols and ammo.

Thirdly, the new regulation would deter prospective school shooters who would know any youngster may shoot him dead in self-defense. Fourth, the authority would help the police and judges because they wouldn’t have to step in and look into what happened after the offender is caught. Fifth, letting kids carry guns teaches them how to be responsible. Kids who are in school can learn to shoot well. Students should have access to a gun range. Sixth, giving our kids guns would strengthen our authority around the world. In general, my simple idea shouldn’t be questioned. I like hearing different points of view about my plan. But they won’t talk about the problem, so I won’t accept them. Limiting high-capacity magazines, funding studies on gun crime, putting metal detectors in all schools, checking people’s backgrounds, and other ideas won’t help unless the government puts them into action. Lastly, my small idea is good for the country and its children. I don’t have any kids to guard, so I have no reason to use my plan. Since I don’t own any gun companies, my idea doesn’t make me any money. My top goal is to serve my country and the public good.

Example 2: Workplace fitness programs help employees stay healthy and get more done


In today’s fast-paced workplace, the success of a company depends on how well its employees are doing. Workplace workout programs might make workers healthier and more productive. These programs improve both mental and physical health, as well as team morale. This proposal essay talks about the benefits of office exercise programs and gives a detailed plan for how to set them up.


The goal of this plan essay is to support exercise programs at work so that employees are healthier and more productive. This suggestion encourages companies to focus on the well-being of their employees by pointing out the benefits and giving a plan for how to do so.

Body Paragraphs

People and the company may both gain from fitness classes at work. Regular exercise improves employee health and reduces the risk of chronic illnesses including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Fitness programs make workers healthy and less likely to miss work or call in sick. Physical exercise also boosts energy, which improves alertness and working productivity. Workplace exercise programs improve workers’ emotional health as well as physical health. Endorphins are “feel-good” chemicals that are made when you exercise regularly. This natural mood improvement reduces stress, anxiety, and sadness, improving employee mental health. Positive thought helps people get along and connect better at work. Exercise has a big effect on how productive you are. People who work out are more focused, efficient, and flexible, which helps the company as a whole. Teamwork and confidence go up when people work out together. Group tasks and challenges help employees get to know each other and break down hurdles to conversation and teamwork. By working together to reach health goals, employees bond and feel better about their jobs.

To improve staff health and work performance, office exercise programs need a plan. First, surveys or tests should be done to find out what physical requirements workers have. This makes it possible to make group classes, health challenges, and open schedules for people with different levels of fitness and different hobbies. To support physical activity, make tools like a gym or exercise rooms easy to get to. Working with exercise experts makes sure you get expert guidance, a program that fits your needs, and that you stay safe. It’s important to communicate well. For marketing new exercise activities, their benefits, and how to get involved, it is important to have a full communication plan. Flexible training options, such as shorter lessons during breaks, can help with time constraints and worries that training will take away from work. Accessibility methods can help people with physical challenges and people who work from far away be included. Putting the positive effects of these activities on workers and the business in the spotlight may also help with culture changes and resistance to change. By using these strategies carefully and getting around problems, companies may be able to create a better, more involved staff that improves output and well-being.

Exercise programs at work could help improve the health and effectiveness of employees. For these efforts to work, there needs to be a well-organized way to track and evaluate them. Starting with clear, quantifiable goals like increasing participation and health measures is best. These objectives offer a framework for measuring initiative effectiveness over time. For exercise program growth, it’s important to do regular assessments. Employers can find out how engaged their employees are, find problems, and improve projects by reviewing their staff regularly. This iterative method lets employees quickly change their needs and tastes, which makes the experience better.


In conclusion, office exercise programs improve health (both physical and mental), efficiency, and working together as a team. Companies can make their workers healthier and more involved by carefully planning and changing programs to their needs, making sites easy to get to, and encouraging good communication. Regular reviews show that these programs are good for the health of employees and the success of the company.

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Example 3: Implementing School-Based Drug Education Programs


The misuse of drugs by young people is a big problem that needs to be fixed. School-based drug education programs are promising for teaching kids how to make informed drug use choices. This proposal essay emphasizes the need for comprehensive drug education programs in schools and outlines a strategy for their effective implementation.


The goal of this plan essay is to support drug education projects in schools so that fewer teenagers use drugs. This idea pushes schools and lawmakers to make complete drug education a priority by pointing out its benefits and giving a well-thought-out plan for how to do it.

Body Paragraphs

Drug teaching courses in schools help kids avoid using drugs as early as possible. These schemes teach kids as young as possible about the risks and consequences of drug abuse. This helps them make smart decisions and not try drugs. Studies show that drug use goes down when people get more information about drugs. Key parts of a full drug teaching program are. Each grade needs a program that is right for that age. Drugs’ physical and mental effects, ways to cope, ways to deal with failure, and life skills give students useful and easy-to-understand information. Interactive teaching helps students learn and stay interested. Conversations in groups, role-playing, real-life situations, and video presentations can help people who learn in different ways and improve their understanding. Parents must be involved in drug teaching for it to be complete. Families can help schools teach lessons outside of the classroom.

To make a complete drug teaching plan, you need to take strategic steps. First, teachers and experts should work together to make it easy to add drug education to existing subjects. This approach combines learning about drug abuse with schoolwork to give students a full learning experience. Second, professional growth is essential. Teachers and staff get rigorous training to convey drug education information and answer students’ questions gently and informatively. Thirdly, partnering with local community organizations, law enforcement, and healthcare experts may enhance the program. These partnerships bring ideas, experiences, and tools from the real world into the classroom. This helps students understand the effects of drug abuse.

A good plan needs to be carefully evaluated and constantly improved. Early goals should include showing that drug use is going down and that students’ understanding and attitudes are getting better. Pre- and post-program evaluations should compare students’ comprehension and behavior to evaluate the program’s effectiveness. To figure out how well a plan works, data must be evaluated regularly. Analyzing the results helps figure out what went well and what could be done better. This feedback loop improves the program’s material and makes sure that teaching methods are the best they can be.

Problems with drug teaching programs can be solved with good planning. To get rid of it, stigmatization should be replaced with empowerment. Stressing that the course gives students the information and skills they need to make well-informed decisions helps reduce shame and creates a helpful learning atmosphere. Parents’ worries can be eased by giving them clear information about the program’s educational and preventative goals. Clear conversation with parents about what is age-appropriate in the program and how it helps kids make good decisions helps ease worries. By focusing on the good goal of the program and pushing parents to take part, schools can build trust and understanding with children and their families.


Drug teaching schemes in schools protect the health and well-being of young people. This proposal essay talks about how important these kinds of projects are and gives a thorough plan for how they can be used in schools. A complete drug education gives kids the tools they need to make smart decisions, resist group pressure, and live healthy, drug-free lives.

🏆 Good Topics for a Proposal Essay

Not sure what to write about in a proposal essay? Check out this list of interesting ideas for proposal essays before you start your study. It has ideas for every possible topic in every possible field. With so many topics to choose from, you can’t fail to impress even the pickiest expert. Here are some good proposal essay ideas.


  1. Schools should teach kids how to eat well
  2. Putting Wellness Programs in Place at Work to Improve Employee Health
  3. Rules from the government to fight the obesity epidemic
  4. Improving health care in rural areas
  5. Give teens complete sexual education to stop teen pregnancy


  1. Making rules about tobacco advertising stricter
  2. Taxes on tobacco goods went up to make people less likely to smoke.
  3. Making 21 the legal age to smoke
  4. Making anti-smoking campaigns aimed at young people
  5. Getting people to study alternatives to traditional cigarettes


  1. Using technology to make patient records easier to read
  2. Making staff training and communication with patients better
  3. Hospital-Acquired Infections Can Be Reduced by Strict Hygiene Rules
  4. Promoting the ethical allocation of organ transplants
  5. Dealing with the lack of medical equipment in low-income countries

The Internet:

  1. Educating people about digital literacy and online safety
  2. Rules about privacy and data protection online
  3. Using laws to stop cyberbullying and online harassment
  4. Getting teenagers to use social media in a responsible way
  5. How to fight fake news and false information online


  1. Setting up comprehensive programs to help the homeless
  2. Making programs to train and place homeless people in jobs
  3. Improving mental health care for people who are homeless
  4. Helping homeless people get affordable healthcare
  5. Taking steps to keep veterans from being homeless

Using drugs:

  1. Making it easier to get into drug rehab centers
  2. Putting in place drug education programs in schools
  3. Getting better help for families affected by drug abuse
  4. Helping drug offenders find alternatives to jail
  5. Making more people aware of the dangers of synthetic drugs

Writing an Essay Proposal Is Difficult or Easy?

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Additionally, constructing the proposal essay might be difficult, especially in organizing material rationally and persuasively. It might be difficult for writers to move from the introduction, proposal, body paragraphs, and conclusion. has models and examples that can help writers learn how to make smooth changes and organize their paragraphs.

It might be hard to find reliable sources and put together facts that back the answer. Research Writing Service offers tips for finding reliable sources, assessing their credibility, and combining them into the proposal. This makes the process go faster and gives writers the tools they need to make their cases stronger. Many writers find it hard to make a convincing counterargument. We can help writers predict complaints and write counterarguments that show the strength and insight of the plan, which makes the essay more interesting. Read this article from the start, After reading you will learn How to write a proposal essay.

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❓ Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

To prepare a proposal, you must comprehend the subject or issue. You should also give a solution or argument with proof. Your target audience, proposal goal, and any rules or criteria should also be considered.

How to Write a proposal essay by following these steps:

  • Select a subject.
  • Introduce the subject and provide background information.
  • Present your case or suggestion.
  • Back up your idea with evidence and research.
  • Address possible counterarguments.
  • Summarize the plan and its advantages to conclude.

To create a decent proposal essay, arrange it correctly, back it with evidence, and solve the issue. Use simple language, evaluate competing views, and provide realistic answers.

Choose an issue you care about and can solve. Specific enough for in-depth investigation yet not too narrow. Consider the topic's importance and your solution's influence.

The intricacy, research, and knowledge of the issue affect how long a proposal takes to write. It might take hours or days, depending on these conditions.

The average proposal essay is 500 to 2,000 words. Assignment requirements may modify this. Make sure your essay is lengthy enough to establish an argument and give proof.

Restate your primary idea or argument and emphasize its merits at the end of your proposal essay. Summarize your main ideas and proof. Close with a powerful remark that creates a lasting impact and emphasizes your idea.

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