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How to Write a 3 Paragraph Essay: Outline and Examples

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If you’re looking for a short 3-Paragraph Essay because you’re having trouble fitting all of your important information into three paragraphs, you might have found the right page. The next article explains How to Write a 3 Paragraph Essay, gives many examples, and explains how it is put together and what its goal is. The tried-and-true 3-paragraph essay may be the simplest way to organize an essay. Beginner writers may find the three-paragraph essay useful because it has the same framework as a longer essay without being as long. Advanced writers can learn how to write concisely by going to and reading about new writing methods.

Table of Contents

3 Paragraph Essay

The 3-paragraph essay is just a study or interpretation of a piece of literature. It has an introduction, a body, and an end. It normally looks at its topic from a limited or personal point of view. Usually, these types of essays are used in schools.

In a three-paragraph essay, the opening explains what the essay is about and makes a case for why the reader should read it. In the body of the essay, the author talks about the topic and talks about its pros and cons. In a 3-paragraph essay, we had to start with a topic line and then back it up with one or two words. Also, we had to write a line evaluating this data in light of your case or topic sentence, and the last paragraph of our 3-paragraph essay had to go into more detail about its importance.

Essay Length

Usually, an essay with three paragraphs is a short piece of writing. Most of the time, these writings have between 500 and 750 words. These essays are written in a way that makes them fit the framework of an essay. They are between 300 and 600 words long. They have a beginning, a main part, and an end. The only way to tell these pieces apart is by their main body, which gives a thorough defense of the subject.

How to Write a 3-Paragraph Essay

If you want to compose a perfect three-paragraph essay, then the following principles must be followed: The steps are:

Plan ahead: think about how you will present your points. It is the process of choosing what to put in your essay. It makes points that are clear and make sense. So, a well-planned structure makes it easier for the reader to understand the points.

  • Making a draft (write down all the ideas you have and start to explain them) Mind mapping is another name for this process. When an author writes, he or she puts his or her ideas into complete sentences and paragraphs.
  • The first paragraph of the paper. The information in the body paragraph must be clear and connected to the topic. The body paragraph needs to talk about the topic’s points of view and how you feel about them.
  • The end comes after the main part of the paragraph. The end of the essay should be short and give an overview of the whole thing. It could also have your thoughts about the subject.
  • To revise (revise), you have to read the line you just wrote carefully and look for mistakes you made while writing the essay.
  • Editing: Write down all of the mistakes you made while writing the essay and fix them to make it better.

How to Structure a three Paragraph Essay


In the introduction, you must talk about the subject’s past and how people think about it now. Each opening paragraph must start with a theme sentence, also called a thesis statement. A thesis statement is one sentence that says what the paper is about and what the main point is. The second line builds on the first to explain more about the main point being made. The importance of your point needs to be brought out. In the third and final line, you should give a brief summary of the information you plan to present in the body and how you plan to present it. For example, if you were writing a 3-paragraph essay on global warming, the beginning might look like this:

Introduction Example

Human activities have been damaging our ecosystem for centuries, and the result is global warming due to rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. It is impossible to turn a blind eye to global warming, and urgent action is required to combat the problem.

Main Body

In the main part of the essay, the writer must describe the topic and talk about its pros and cons, as well as any consequences or effects. The number of sentences in the body of your essay should match the number of points you want to make. You should spend at least three lines on each of your points to show that you understand it well. The main body of a three-paragraph essay would look something like this:

Body Paragraphs Example

Carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere have increased due to human activities, including power plant emissions, transportation, and deforestation. Global warming, caused by greenhouse gases that trap solar radiation in the atmosphere, has the potential to alter the entire planet’s topography, uprooting communities, inundating entire nations, and wiping out countless species. Global warming has many direct effects, one of which is more extreme weather. The negative consequences of global warming on Earth’s ecosystems are numerous and will only increase. Cutting down additional trees should be prohibited, and afforestation should be promoted as the best way to protect the planet from further destruction. Get started by planting trees close to your home or place of work, then attend events and share the message about the value of tree planting with others.


In the third and last line of your essay, you should say what you think about what you’ve written. Start by putting the topic sentence in your own words. Summarize the main points, then ask the reader to think about them. In the end, the author must say what he thinks about the subject. As an example:

Conclusion Example

As long as humans continue to release greenhouse gases, global warming will increase and cause further ecological devastation. Stopping global warming is crucial, and we all share responsibility for doing so. Get started by planting trees close to your home or place of work, then attend events and share the message about the value of tree planting with others. The damage can’t be undone, but it can be stopped from spreading.

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Benefits of Visiting ResearchWritings

We know that in a three-paragraph essay, you have to explain your supporting points in just one paragraph. For young writers or students of the English language, visiting our website may be a good idea because it is easy and they can do it without any trouble or stress. Aside from that, its structure gives the reader the basic argument three times: first in the introduction, then in the main body, and finally in the conclusion. This helps new learners understand and learn because each point in the essay relates back to the first paragraph. By writing these kinds of essays, students can finally learn how to make and defend their own arguments, use evidence well, and improve their general writing skills.

3 Paragraph Essay Topics

Three-paragraph essays do not require any special topics, like research papers. We can write these kinds of essays on very basic and usual topics, including:

  • Natural resources 
  • The civil war.
  • The child’s exploitation.
  • The culture.
  • Use of artificial technology
  • The wonder of science.
  • Solar power
  • Natural disasters. 
  • Solar system.
  • Fashion
  • Wildlife conservation.
  • Your leader.
  • Human rights.

Apart from this, there are many other topics, including climate change, music, the importance of reading, and many others, that we can use as our topic for writing a 3-paragraph essay.

3 Paragraph Essay Examples

A few examples of the best three-paragraph essays are:

Example #1 >> Artificial Intelligence: Its Pros and Cons

AI is becoming one of the areas that is growing the fastest in the world. It helps make our lives easier and gives us different chances that we can use for the good of all people, but we also know that everything made by people in this universe has both pros and cons. In the following article, the pros and cons of artificial intelligence are talked about.

Here are some of the good things about AI: It’s a big part of how people in our society live their lives. Aside from that, it lets you do more than one thing at once and makes it possible to do less work with the same tools. It also means getting things done without spending a lot of money, and we can use it all the time without stopping. Aside from the good things it does for welfare and society, it has a lot of bad effects that are not only bad for computers but also cause a lot of trouble for people. AI technologies aren’t making people any better, and they’re making them more lazy every day. Aside from this, being able to make a machine that can make people smarter is a big challenge, takes a lot to work on, and is also causing people to lose their jobs. It was all made by people, so it depends on the skills and abilities of different people. This is one of the biggest problems with this technology because it is not creative. It can only do what we want it to do or answer the questions we are tired of asking. Other than that, it is useless. Humans are losing their jobs because artificial technology methods are taking over.

Artificial intelligence is a change in technology that has more bad effects than good ones and could endanger the world. The rise of artificial intelligence makes sure that people are setting up traps that will lead to their own deaths. AI is giving us a lot of great chances, but if we don’t take care of it, it will be hard for us to stay alive, and it could even kill us.

Example #2: Exhibition

An exhibition is the display or presentation of works of art or items of interest to the public. It also focuses on the identification and interpretation of collective things. The exhibition was first introduced to the public in the 19th century, but before the 19th century, there had been different temporary exhibitions, especially the display of new arts in the major cities introduced to the public in the 19th century, but before the 19th century, there had been different temporary exhibitions, especially display of new arts in the major cities. The Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturing, and Commerce held the first modern public exhibition on April 21, 1760, in London. It was the first in a series of fine arts exhibitions held by the institution, later known as the Society of Arts. One of the most famous exhibitions was the Academie des Beaux-Arts of the Paris Salon, which was started in 1667 and opened to the public in 1737. The following essay is going to give a brief description of exhibitions.

Exhibition planning is an engaging process. They are usually the experiences of people; they provide communication of ideas, information, feelings, and values. Exhibitions usually occur within cultural, educational, or many other places, which include museums, art galleries, parks, libraries, or different exhibition centers. It is an integrative and multidisciplinary process that often combines architecture, interior design, graphic design, multimedia, lighting, audio, technology, and other disciplines to create a complex narrative around a topic In its most general sense, it is an organized presentation and display of selected items. There is no set method for planning an exhibition, although there are general guidelines that professionals follow. These guidelines include an estimate of how many organizational accommodations are possible. It is because exhibition proponents are strongly encouraged by the partners, and they must involve several co-organizers. It also includes publicizing the exhibition and informing people about it through advertisements or distributing notices.

Exhibitions usually provide platforms for your product. It is usually the advertisement of your product to the general public and the acknowledgment of the benefits of the product. It provides the opportunity for potential buyers to meet a wide range of sellers in a single location.

Example #3: Fashion

In the last few decades, fashion has become a worldwide phenomenon. Fashion has always been an important part of human life. Fashion styles have changed over the years. Because younger people care more about how they look on the outside, the fashion industry is driven by people who want to look and act like the outside world has changed.

When styles change, people wear new clothes and act in new ways. One way that the modern world is always changing is in the fashion business. The first step to looking chic is to know what’s in style. The modern sense of fashion gives people another way to show who they are. Styles can change from one season to the next or in reaction to a certain need. In the United States, fashion is the lifeblood of the glamorous world, and you could even say that the glamorous world inspires and guides fashion itself. Trends change every day because they are based on styles in the business world, which in turn depend on a glamorous world. Fashion has an effect on both physical society and how people talk to each other online. The ever-changing world of fashion gives us a nice break from our daily lives by giving us ideas for how to look good, be confident, and be in step with the times.

So, in conclusion, the young people of today are so affected by the glitzy fashion industry that it shows in every part of their appearance, including their clothes, hair, accessories, language, and attitude. The way we dress is an interesting part of our lives. It makes us feel good about ourselves and like we belong in the world. Fashion is a big part of what makes culture what it is today. Because of this, each of us learns something new. People’s attitudes, personalities, ways of dressing and acting, and even their hobbies and pleasures can all be seen as examples of fashion. 

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Example #4: Pros And Cons Of Social Media

Social media has become very popular in recent years because it is easy to use and easy to get to. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are making it easier for people to connect with each other. Yes, thanks to social media, you can quickly connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, with just a tap of your finger. The kids of today are among the people who use social media the most.

There are a lot of good things about using social media. Most importantly, it is an excellent way to learn. Anyone can get to any and all information with just a few taps. Students can learn about a wide range of topics by using social media. This medium also lets people talk to each other in real time. You can watch a talk in the U.S. from where you are sitting in India. Also, as more people stop reading print media, they are getting their news from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It gives you the most up-to-date news about the world around you. As a person learns more about world issues, they become more aware of them. It also helps you get closer to the people who are most important to you. With social media, it doesn’t matter how far away someone is. If you have friends or family in another country, it’s easy and quick to get in touch with them. Above all, it gives young singers who are just starting out a free, big stage to perform on. You can also find out about good job opportunities through social networking. Promoting a trademark is another good thing for businesses. Because of this, social media has become a central place for promoting, and it’s a great place to take photos with clients. Even though social media has clear benefits, it is often seen as a big threat to public safety. When people use social media without limits, bad things can happen. It is dangerous because technology breaks down barriers to dialogue that used to be impossible to get past. When kids share too much online, they make it easy for crooks and hackers to find them and hurt them. Because of this, cyberbullying happens, which can be very bad for anyone’s self-esteem. So, it’s important to keep an eye on the social media status updates that kids mostly make. Next, we’ll talk about things that teens like to do, like social networking. When a student spends more time on social media instead of reading, it hurts their grades. When people spend too much time on social media, they tend to push other people away. Its use spreads false information, which in turn poisons the thoughts of people who would otherwise be peaceful.

In a word, using social networking has both pros and cons. But in the end, it depends on the person. A lot of focus should be put on helping the youth of today find a good balance between doing well in school, being active, and using social media. Like any other drug, spending too much time on social media can lead to bad things. So, it’s up to us to find the right mix and work toward a happy life.

Example #5: Women’s Education

Education for women can be seen as a way to teach them things that will make them feel more valuable and worthy. This knowledge can be taught in a number of different ways. Women’s contributions to society can be seen in their jobs as wives, mothers, sisters, coworkers, nurses, and in many other ways. They are better organized and care more about what other people need. Mothers with more education have more chances to contribute to the progress and wealth of their country, and they can do this with the help of men. This essay will give a brief summary of how important women’s education is to the growth of a country.

A good education can help a community in many ways, such as by making people more employable, increasing their wages, and improving their social standing. It can also open up new opportunities for personal and professional growth. Women’s schooling is important for the progress of society as a whole. When it comes to money and making decisions about their health and careers, women with more schooling are more likely to be in charge of their own lives. Educating women will not only help them become financially independent, but it will also give them the skills they need to take care of their own homes. A mother with a good education knows what she needs to do and has the tools to raise good people. She gives birth to children who are driven and have goals. Getting women educated is very important if we want to stop the violence that still happens to them in many parts of the world. If a woman has a good education, she is much less likely to be sexually assaulted or abused in other ways. Women getting an education has helped get rid of problems like dowry and jobless. Education for women has a big effect on population growth because it gives women the power to make choices about their own health that affect their ability to have children. The rate of literacy in a country can be raised by making sure that as many children as possible have moms who have finished school. Muslims think that going to school is a moral duty. A verse in the Holy Quran and a hadith say that women, like men, should learn more and try to learn more. A mother who has gone to college will always be treated with respect, and other women will look up to her as an example.

The progress of society rests on women being able to go to school. As a way to fix the fact that we aren’t making any progress, it should get our attention on a personal, social, and national level. Governments, civil society groups, and individuals can work together to improve gender equality and remove barriers to higher education for women. If we invest in women’s education, we can make sure that everyone has a more prosperous and fair future.

Example #6: Poverty

Poverty means that a family can’t provide for itself in terms of food, schooling, a place to live, and clothes. Poverty is shown by not having enough food, not having a place to live, not having good child care, living in a hostile area, and not having enough money for public institutions. The poverty barrier, also called the poverty line, is the very least amount of money a person needs to make in a country to be able to live. In this post, we’ll look at poverty and its effects around the world from a high level.

We say that a person, a family, or a whole community is poor when they don’t have enough money to meet their most basic wants. This means that it is hard to get even the most basic things, like food, clothes, a place to live, and medicine. Poverty keeps happening from one generation to the next. Some of the problems that can happen as a result are sickness, hunger, lying, and not having clean places to live. Poverty has many causes, such as rising prices of living, low wages, unemployment, and not getting enough money from social security. People living below the poverty line are also hurt by climate change, inequality or social injustice, not having enough schooling, not getting enough help from the government, and many other things. A rise in the poverty rate is linked to the number of people with mental sickness, chronic diseases, higher death rates, and a shorter life expectancy. Children make up most of the age group that is the poorest. Poverty needs to be stopped because it hurts human capital and slows down economic growth. There are effective ways to do this. Giving everyone the same rights is the first step to stopping unfairness. Getting people skills and jobs is another way to help them get out of poverty. Those who can’t support themselves and can’t read or write, so that we can give them money.

To sum up, then, what we mean when we say someone is poor is that they don’t have enough money to buy the things they need. A national problem like poverty can’t be fixed by just one person. Effective steps should be taken right away to solve the problem. For people, communities, countries, and economies to grow in a way that is long-lasting and all-encompassing, poverty must be eliminated. This is a requirement for growth in any of these areas.

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Example #7: Newspaper Reading

A newspaper is a weekly or daily written report on what’s going on in the world. It usually has a white or gray background and black writing. A good habit is to read the newspaper every day. It’s a great way to find out what’s going on in the world. We learn about current events from reliable source. Newspapers help us learn more about a lot of different things, from politics and culture to the economy and sports. We’ll talk quickly about why it’s important to read the news.

The newspaper is an important way for the people and the government to talk to each other. No matter how small, it all adds up to the whole. It helps us learn more and be better people. Reading the newspaper can help you find a better job. The newspaper tells us about business and job opportunities from different companies, so we can choose the best one. We can also advertise our goods and services in the newspaper with little work. By reading a newspaper, a person will improve their language and grammar the most. You can learn new words and improve your language by reading the newspaper. If someone reads newspapers often, they are likely to have a large and interesting language as well. They have more things in common with other people and can talk about most things more easily. Since you can read a newspaper alone, it keeps us from being bored and lonely. People don’t read newspapers as much as they used to because they can get all the news they need on their phones and computers. This is why newspaper reading is on the slide. Printing newspapers not only lose a lot of paper but is also an inefficient way to spread the news.

The newspaper is a good way to get news at home. Because they gather information and data from all over the world, they are very important to our everyday lives. It has news and opinion about the business world, politics, pop culture, sports, and economics. This practice will help you improve not only as a student but also as a speaker and writer. Because of this, everyone needs to make it a habit to read the newspaper every day.

Example #8: Child Explanation

Exploiting children is bad for them. When a kid or young person is exploited, they are “groomed” with things like gifts, drugs, money, status, and love. In return for doing something illegal, this is sometimes called “child criminal.” When a child abuser threatens to hurt them physically or uses other ways to scare them, the child may feel useless. They might give out a lot of money or valuable things like drugs and other things. In the next essay, the effects of exploiting children and possible answers to the problem are talked about.

There are many ways to take advantage of children. In a practice called “trafficking,” children are sometimes taken from their homes and used for sexual reasons. They can be moved to other parts of the country and hurt physically and sexually. All acts of violence or neglect against children that cause major physical or mental harm or put the child’s life in danger are included here. Bullying and cyberbullying, which usually happen at school, are two of the most common ways to take advantage of children. This also covers a lot of different kinds of abuse, like sexual attacks, domestic violence, and more. About one-fourth of American girls and one-thirteenth of American boys have been abused as children. When a kid is exploited, they are groomed, pressured, or forced to do something they don’t want to do for an adult’s benefit. One way we can help keep our kids safe is to learn about the signs of physical and sexual abuse for ourselves and for other people. Watch over your kids, teach them how to be safe, and give them good advice. These steps could make it much less likely that a child will be abused or neglected.

Abuse and neglect of children have effects on a lot more people than just the close family. To protect children from this danger, preventive steps and legal remedies need to be put in place.

Editing of a 3 Paragraphed Essay

For the editing of an essay, we had to take the following steps:

Checking the Structure

First of all, you have to check the overall structure of the essay to see if it has the proper structure. Checking structure means checking the introduction, main body, and conclusion of your essay.

Logical Sequence

Make sure that each and every paragraph that you have written has a clear main point that relates to the argument, and check that the paragraphs you have written are arranged in a logical sequence.

Explanation of the Points

Make sure that you have explained the points you used in your essay and try to use more appropriate sentences.

Revise Sentences

Check the words you use in your essay and try to make them simple and accurate.


Before submitting, you must check the grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes if any, because correct grammar use adds beauty to your writing skills.

Tips for Writing a Good Essay

Follow the following steps on How to write a 3 paragraph essay:

  • For a good paragraph essay, we should begin our essay by describing the thesis statement to remind the reader of the purpose of our writing.
  • Introduce the supporting data with the facts to back it up in the introduction.
  • For a good essay, always try to write it in a logical flow and use transitional words to separate the paragraphs..
  • A good 3-paragraph essay just requires us to condense our points into one body paragraph, and they just require a single supporting point before reaching the conclusion.
  • Remember to add an in-text citation for every quote or piece of information.
  • Apart from this, the other qualities needed for writing a good essay are focus, development, unity, coherence, and correctness.


The following article has tried to solve all the problems related to 3 paragraph essay. Above are mentioned all the details in easy words that can help you to compose a well-written short assignment for your class. Also, if you want a well-written essay to be composed by a professional, you can get in touch with our writers through the link

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❓ Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

For a good 3-paragraph essay, the writer should go for two references per paragraph. It is not compulsory to give references in the introduction and the conclusion, while in all the paragraphs (the main body), the writer should go for two references to make his essay worth reading.

If you double-space a three-paragraph essay, it usually takes two to three pages. We know that it depends on the size of the fonts, the width of the borders, and the space between the lines on a double-spaced page. So, it's usually around 750 words, or 250 words per page.

The average writer needs about 37 and a half minutes to type a three-paragraph essay where each paragraph is on its own page and about 1 hour and 30 minutes to write it by hand. But this time can go up to 3 hours or more if the content needs study, links, citations, or graphs, like in blog posts or high school essays.

Yes, a 500-word essay can be three paragraphs. Generally, a 500-word essay is around 2 pages long, double-spaced. That is why we can say that a 500-word essay can be a 3-paragraph essay.

A paragraph does not depend on lines. It depends on the number of sentences. A typical paragraph should be at least three sentences long.

Yes, a three-paragraph essay can be one page, but a good general rule is 2 to 3 paragraphs per page.

The structure of an essay means that it needs at least three parts. So, three parts aren't much and are just a normal amount for an essay to have.

Yes, an article with three paragraphs is short. A normal essay is made up of four or five paragraphs.

Yes. We can write a good essay with three paragraphs in two hours. Two hours may seem like a long time to write an essay, but this time can go up or down based on the number of citations, sources, and how complicated the topic is. 

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